“I will seek…to behold the beauty of the Lord.”   Psalm 27:4


There are so many wonderful things about being a photographer.  I have met the most adorable people, been invited to document the most precious moments, and enjoyed laughing with the young and old!  The most thrilling part, however, is capturing the beauty of life at all of its stages for endless generations.  It amazes me how a photograph can evoke feeling, memories, and a lifetime of stories for grandchildren.


It is my desire to capture the uniqueness and beauty of all of my clients.  I want the camera and the photographer to disappear into the background, so that I can capture the true essence of the individual, the integrity of the moment, and the emotion that we never want to forget.  Hopefully, as clients flip through their albums or glance at photographs on the wall, the awareness of how beautiful they are will lighten their steps just a little. I am so thankful that so many of you invite me to celebrate life with you as you live, laugh, love, and dream…