Valentine’s Day is a little annoying, I admit.

Granted, I love an excuse to buy chocolate of any kind, even in the shape of a rose.

Perhaps Valentine’s Day frustrates people because it attempts to make love a tangible, plastic, shallow thing that can be picked up off the shelf and tossed into a gift bag. Chocolate covered or not, people give a sideways glance to the “love” that is advertised this time of year.

Commercialism capitalizing on love is not beautiful. But, love itself is breathtaking – and it deserves a day to honor it and celebrate it. In fact, it deserves more than a day. It deserves everyday.

Love, by definition, is patient and kind. It is not self-seeking. Imagine that.

It is the mother who cries herself to sleep, praying earnestly for wisdom and help. It is the spouse who cares for the love of his life as she struggles with illness. It is the forgiving heart that never gives up, speaking the truth in love, and holding onto hope with everything. Love never gives up. It has no end.

Love rejoices. It celebrates. It belly-laughs into the wee hours of the night, thankful for every minute of time it has with you.

Love is not packaged in boxes and ribbons. It is passionately poured out from hearts that cannot contain it.

It is not rude or abusive. That is not love.

It is not resentful. Rather, it soothes a bitter heart with gentleness. And protects the innocent with strength and wisd


If I were to place love on a shelf to sell, there would not be a shelf in all the world that could contain it.

There would not be enough money in all the world to purchase it.

Love, although too high a price for us to attain, is lavished upon us freely. Like the sun that faithfully strengthens us and the rain that constantly nourishes us, we are surrounded by His love -unknowingly surrounded. God is love.

He loves intensely and purposefully. Every. Single. Day.

His love cannot fit on a shelf. Nor can it fit in a heart. That is why it pours out like rushing waters from one person to another. We can not contain it. It is too great.

The love God has for you is so much sweeter than what is wrapped on the shelves this Valentine’s Day. With all my heart, I hope that your heart will be overwhelmed by the love God has for you.

Celebrate Love every day. Even on Valentine’s Day.

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