what is #trending in heaven?

header what is trending in heaven


I can tell you what’s trending,

What the republicans think,

And what song is number one

Before you can blink.


I’ve spent all my energy

And time and money

Finding out what’s popular,

trending, or funny.


I’ve heard what you think

And he thinks, and she thinks,

But I wonder what God thinks.

I wonder what God thinks.


He explains what He thinks

In the soft gentle breeze,

And the water that falls,

Unannounced, and then leaves.


He speaks in a language

That all understand,

When he became an infant,

All of God in man.


He spoke then, He speaks now.

He speaks clear and strong,

Calling all to hear:

Come sit and belong!


Who cares what is trending

Or what’s popular this season?

I’m exhausted from listening

To arguing and teasing!


What is here in a moment

And then fades away,

Has no lasting value;

It’s worth is dull and gray.


Why have I spent

My abundance on nothing?

I’ve worked and I’ve slaved

And longed for something.


But here in my hand,

All that I’ve earned,

Is disappointment and emptiness

And a heart that is scorned.


I bought and paid

For a life destroyed

By my own selfish cravings

And my own broken toys.


But I hear a voice calling.

I feel a gentle breeze blowing.

Whisper come, come to the cross

Where forgiveness is flowing!


Come hear what’s trending

In heavenly courts

And forget death’s taunting

Let new life rise forth!

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