this is what we’ve been waiting for….


Every day I talk to someone about weddings.  Every weekend I witness dreams becoming reality.  The beauty never loses its power – two people becoming one heart.  They cry, they laugh, they truly have the time of their lives.

And although the talents of gifted artisans drape the tables and stages with flowers nothing short of master pieces and the most beautiful gowns and tuxes ever made parade before a crowd of friends and families, that is not the most beautiful part.  Those things fade away into memories, but the love that is celebrated grows and prospers.

Mothers tear up when they see their sons, dressed and ready, a little nervous and very excited. He is the man they longed for him to become.

Father’s are speechless and emotional when they see their daughters, glowing and radiant, beautifully perfect, daddy’s little girl.

The bride is beautiful, but beyond description because her heart is filled with love and anticipation.  It’s the moment she’s waited for…. completely and fully loved by the man of her dreams.

The groom finally takes a deep breath when his eyes meet his bride’s walking down the aisle toward him.

It’s these expressions of deep love, the unspoken and spoken awe struck moments that I love to witness.  Those are the moments that beauty can be felt.

Love is beautiful.


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