The moments before “i do”….

It seems like time flies from the time you first start planning your wedding to the morning you say, “it’s my wedding day!”.  The wedding day itself can seem like a blur.

But the moments right before walking down the aisle are such a precious time, I feel like pressing slow motion so we can really take it all in.

There’s something exciting about getting ready.  You feel like a celebrity with everyone doting on you, celebrating you, and making you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world.  And you feel beautiful.  You are beautiful.  Every bride just glows on her wedding day.

There’s something magical about getting in your dress.  The flood of emotions that go through your heart and rush through the room.  In a split second, you feel so many different things…. tears, laughter… it can take your breath away.

The people you love are surrounding you.  There’s so much joy, so much hope, so much love.

Soon they will usher you down the aisle and your fairy tale will begin… who knows what’s in store…. but whatever it is, you will have each other……

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