Sarah SR 2011

Sarah Sr pics were so fun!  🙂  We tried to shoot outside, but after a couple of minutes in the bitter cold, we started looking for an indoor location!  Once we were nice and cozy inside, we finished up her SR pics!

Shooting Sarah’s pics was a walk down memory lane for me!  Her parents were the children’s pastors at the church I attended as a kid.  I get warm fuzzies when I think about what the people of that church mean to me!  So many of them prayed for me, loved me, and taught me.  My walk with Jesus is the most amazing thing in my life…. who knows if I would have the same life if it wasn’t for those sweet people who invested their time and energy into my little world.  I appreciate them so much!!

So….sappiness aside, Sarah’s session was special to me.  I enjoyed feeling like that little kid in church as I visited with her mom, Linda.  And really, I’m sure I had a part in preparing Linda and Garth for parenthood…they had to be EXTRA patient with me!!  Of course, Anne Marie, if you are reading this, I give you credit, too, for preparing them!! LOL

Sarah, you are beautiful inside and out!!  Love ya, lady!!

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