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SB Mag Cover!


Mike called from SB Magazine a while back and asked if I could shoot Moonbot Studios for SB Magazine.  Let me think…  YES!!

We are fans of Moonbot Studios!  I remember standing in line (pushing Cody in a stroller) to have William Joyce sign my copy of his book, Rolie Polie Olie at Barnes and Noble.    Not surprisingly, we are also fans of his work on the movies ROBOTS, and MEET THE ROBINSONS.  I hear he created characters on Toy Story, also.  I’m sure there are TONS of achievements I could list here.  Yes, friends.  He is awesome.

Not only are we impressed with his work, but that he still lives and works in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We love him for that, too.  🙂

So, I had never been to Moonbot Studios….

It’s exactly what you would think it would be…. the most creative work space you have ever seen.  I wish I could have shot pics of just the space.  It’s several rooms of funky furniture, one-of-a-kind everything…. light fixtures, tables… just name it.  Tons of computers for their animators; one room completely painted black with no windows for a group that requested it….Not to mention that I’m pretty sure I saw a shelf of golden globes…. You guys would love it!!!  Even better than the space…. the PEOPLE.

I think you have to not only be a creative genius to work there, but you have to look like a creative genius, too.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!!  You have to be on your toes when you visit…they will break out in nurf-gun fights at any moment.

I was familiar with William Joyce before heading to the studio, but I didn’t know Brandon Oldenburg and Lampton Enochs.  Apparently these three are a force to be reckoned with…. 🙂

And they are all so gracious and kind.

We arrived a little early to plan the shoot so we could be quick and not interrupt too much of their day.  When we got there, they gave us the grand tour and offered to let us watch a SHORT in their theater.  Hello…. wish I could have said yes!!!  But, you know….I had to be professional….

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have met these amazing people and shoot them for the SB Magazine.  That would have been enough to tickle me pink.  So, the fact that my image was chosen for the cover, is a great honor.

Thank you, Mike, for such a fun experience!!

Next time, I’m packin’ a nurf-gun!

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Photobooth FAN PAGE – another chance to win!

You know you love it!  There’s nothing like it!  The Kelly Cathey Photography PHOTOBOOTH!

SO…. wanna chance to win something else we all love?  Become a fan of the Kelly Cathey Photography Photobooth Page on Facebook for a chance to win PIZZA delivered to your home or office!    Not our “FRIEND,” yet?  Come join the party!  Then “LIKE” the Kelly Cathey Photography Photobooth page and you are immediately entered in the drawing!

We will draw TWO winners!

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Von Lanken video for my anniversary!

Eleven years ago today, I married the love of my life!!!  Today he surprised me with the best gift EVER!!

A little over a year ago the famous Von Lanken’s visited us from Oklahoma to film our family.   They schemed with Creighton to surprise me on our anniversary….

I woke up this morning wondering why I had to be somewhere at 10am sharp.  Saturdays are lazy days until time to shoot a wedding!  But, my curiosity woke me up and we hopped in the car and headed to Shreveport.

When we pulled up to the Robinson Film Center, I thought maybe we were there to see “our” movie.  The theater was empty except for our little family.  And suddenly, the lights were dimmed and my children appeared on screen….tears and smiles overwhelmed me….

To view the video

click on:

Family Life Story

PASSWORD is cathey

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ALBUMS!! :) Never too early to think about Christmas!

Check out one of our NEW ALBUM designs!!  We are SO EXCITED about getting YOUR FAMILY memories in one of our GORGEOUS new albums!  We will be blogging more images of the outside of the book soon!!

We will have very limited spaces for our fall sessions.  We are booking now.  If you would like information on what’s in store for our fall sessions, keep your eyes on the blog or email us!!

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Kelly Cathey Photography Photobooth is a HIT at every event!

One of my FAVORITE things about the photobooth is hearing the laughter coming from behind the curtain.  I LOVE it!!!  We have just built another photobooth and you guys are keeping us hopping with FUN, FUN, events!!!

We are forever adding new features to the photobooth, so be sure to check out all the NEW STUFF we have going on!!

For Katie’s wedding, we tried out one of our new backdrops.  I totally love it!

Amanda and Brennan!!!  😉

We caught up with them again at Burn Camp in Texas!  Lovin’ this family….

At weddings, the guests TRULY embraced the spirit of the photobooth!!  😉

Kinda surprised when I saw a puppy in the photobooth!  Whoever’s idea this one was…. BRILLIANT!  😉

Occasionally, I get to set up the photobooth with Creighton, so HELLO PHOTOBOOTH!!!  I never miss a chance to take a pic with my kiddos!!

Brent is a closet rock star:  🙂

Goodness, the photobooth is SO MUCH FUN!!!  Don’t you think we should ALL have one in our living rooms?

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