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For this child, i have prayed….

Life is a pretty crazy journey, there’s no doubt.  But at every step, it’s amazing how obvious it is that God is with us and He loves us in ways that blow our minds.

You all know my sweet friend, Brianne, that works with us.  Our paths crossed in a casual, natural way…. who knew we would grow to love her SOOO much!!   But you guys that know her, know how easy it is to love this girl!

Several years later, here we sit together….  sharing secrets of our hearts, struggles and triumphs.  We have embraced each other’s weakness and praised each other’s strengths.  I can not express how thankful I am that God allows me to walk this journey of life with her!  I learn so much from her gentle spirit and soft heart!

So, when the time came for her to be a mommy, it was one of my greatest pleasures in life to see God answer that prayer.  His timing is perfect…. seemingly slow, sometimes, but perfect….. and now we are about to celebrate the birth of the child for which we have prayed!!!!  Wow!

She has loved my two monkeys for years!  And now I get to meet and love her little miracle!  Such a great life!

She and Brent, the love of her life, are going to be amazing parents!!!   This is the drum roll to what is in store for them!  I can not wait to see God’s goodness unfold before them!

Any day now…..

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LIFE! Maternity Shoot/ Shreveport Bossier Louisiana

I am so amazed that life grows inside of us!!  I really can’t even wrap my brain around how amazing that is!  God could take the dirt again and breath life into every new person, but he lets us be involved in the birth of new life!  WOW!!  And girls, it’s US that get to enjoy that miracle!

I remember when I was pregnant…with every flip of that tiny baby, I imagined God’s hands forming that little miracle.  It was easy to constantly dwell on the miracles of God because I was physically aware of his wondrous works!

And that’s just the drum roll!!  Just wait until you have that miracle in your arms!!

Nine months of preparation can not prepare us for what is ahead.  The love that moves through our hearts is indescribable.  When you first lay eyes on that baby, something takes over your entire being.

Maybe God  involves us in the process of life so we can grasp a tiny bit better how much He loves us.

He rejoices over us with singing!  Imagine, God of the universe, completely engrossed in love for you.  Crazy.  He is our father, our mother, our everything.

Every time I shoot a maternity, I celebrate the miracle of life!  I’m so thankful to be a mother of two precious children!!

As a wedding photographer, it is fabulous to see our brides and grooms begin their families.   Happiness just compounds!!

Now, I’m celebrating my assistant’s pregnancy (soon to make an appearance on our blog) and my sweet friend and wedding coordinator, Nealy (images in this post).  Nealy is having TWINS!! We can’t wait to meet her baby girls!!!


Children are a gift from the Lord Psalm 127:3-5

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Kelly Cathey Photography Photobooth is a HIT at every event!

One of my FAVORITE things about the photobooth is hearing the laughter coming from behind the curtain.  I LOVE it!!!  We have just built another photobooth and you guys are keeping us hopping with FUN, FUN, events!!!

We are forever adding new features to the photobooth, so be sure to check out all the NEW STUFF we have going on!!

For Katie’s wedding, we tried out one of our new backdrops.  I totally love it!

Amanda and Brennan!!!  😉

We caught up with them again at Burn Camp in Texas!  Lovin’ this family….

At weddings, the guests TRULY embraced the spirit of the photobooth!!  😉

Kinda surprised when I saw a puppy in the photobooth!  Whoever’s idea this one was…. BRILLIANT!  😉

Occasionally, I get to set up the photobooth with Creighton, so HELLO PHOTOBOOTH!!!  I never miss a chance to take a pic with my kiddos!!

Brent is a closet rock star:  🙂

Goodness, the photobooth is SO MUCH FUN!!!  Don’t you think we should ALL have one in our living rooms?

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mommy and daddy

LogoFinalxthese guys are going to be the sweetest parents ever….


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