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Perspective, baby, perspective….how to have a stress free wedding!

Weddings are one of the most amazing days in a girls life, no doubt. We dream about it throughout our childhood…. we dress up, we pretend, we flip through magazines, we sing love songs to the top of our lungs driving down the road…..

Your wedding day should be everything you ever imagined!!

A bride should smile so much on her wedding day that her cheeks hurt!! She should look around in awe and soak it all in as she spins on the dance floor with the love of her life!

The wedding represents our fairy tale… that we have found our soul mate to weather the storms of life, to celebrate, to laugh, to cry with….

So, it breaks my heart to see a bride stressed and overwhelmed so much that she can’t see the wonder around her. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, my heart hurts for them.

Here’s what I have learned, girls….

This is how you can keep from missing out on what should a be a dream come true:

It’s not about the flowers, the shoes, the cakes, and the venue… or even the photographer! It’s about celebrating that you love and are loved completely. It’s celebrating the miracle of love that poets and authors spend lifetimes trying to describe and explain. You have it. You have the thing everyone wants!!
Keep that in perspective…..
When you are picking out your flowers, when you are shopping for the perfect wedding dress, don’t lose sight of what it’s all about!
Enjoy every second! Laugh! Sing! Cry! Soak it all in!!

If you find yourself overwhelmed, take time to get everything back in perspective. Maybe cut out a few things out of your budget. Maybe just do a few things you saw on pinterest and not ten thousand…. 🙂

When you are picking out every detail…. keep perspective….

I have shot the sweetest weddings on the smallest budgets in backyards, random fields, all over the place. It’s not about the money spent. It’s not about impressing your friends. It’s about your story. It’s about your life.

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